IQF Frozen Pitted Cherries Available

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We have natural pitted cherries frozen by the IQF method for wholesale. The cherry frozen by the IQF method is ideal for use in hospitality  applications since its freezing process allows to maintain the organoleptic and texture properties in the same conditions as fresh fruit just harvested. Our IQF freezing process takes place in a very short time from collection to freezing, thus ensuring that the cherry maintains its freshness, flavor and nutrients almost intact.

The IQF freezing process is an absolutely chemical free process that allows the frozen fruit to be protected against bacteria and microorganisms, ensuring its durability and maintaining the properties of fresh fruit.

The storage is 24 months from the date of packaging and must be kept in a frozen environment without breakage of the cold chain (between -18ºC to -20ºC). The processes of freezing, packaging and storage applied by Cerezas y Almendras Castillo S.L.  guarantees that you will receive the IQF frozen cherry in optimal conditions in both national and international markets.