10 Healthy reasons to eat Cherries

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When you eat cherries, you taste an absolutely unique flavor. But also this food is full of antioxidants that offer many health benefits, including help with insomnia, joint pain and helps prevent different diseases. Cherries could be as good remedy as a doctor recipe.
10 good reasons to eat cherries!

1. Promote a better sleep
Cherries are a good source of melatonin, which helps us regulate our sleep cycles. It has also been discovered that cherries help with jet lag. There is a higher level of melatonin in sour cherries compared to sweet cherries.

2. Protects against diabetes.
Cherries have a low glycemic index of 22, lower than apricots (57), grapes (46), peaches (42), blueberries (40) or plums (39). This makes them a better food than many other fruits, especially for diabetics.

3. Help prevent Alzheimer’s.
The Alzheimer’s Association includes cherries as one of the foods that increase memory because they are rich in antioxidants.

4. Reduces the risk of heart attack.
Anthocyanins, which are the pigments that give sour cherries their red color, can activate PPAR, which regulates the genes involved in the metabolism of fat and glucose. This reduces the risk of high cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes, according to research from the University of Michigan Health System.

5. Slow down the aging of the skin
Cherries have the highest level of antioxidants of any fruit. Antioxidants help the body fight free radicals that make us look old. Eating cherries daily slows down the aging process. Cherry is also recommended as an alternative treatment for other skin conditions.

6. Decreases the risk of gout attacks
Eating cherries reduces the risk of gout attacks by 35 percent in a study with 633 patients with gout, conducted by Yuqing Zhang, a professor of medicine and public health at Boston University. Patients with gout who consumed cherries over a two-day period had a 35 percent lower risk of gout attacks, compared to those who did not eat cherries.

7. Reduces muscle pain.
A cup and a half of cherries or a glass of cherry juice can reduce muscle inflammation as recent studies suggest. A group of marathon runners drank cherry juice twice a day for seven days before the race. The group that drank the cherry juice experienced less muscle pain after the race than those who drank another fruit drink.

8. Help regulate blood pressure
Cherries are very high in potassium, which helps regulate heart rate and blood pressure and reduces the risk of hypertension. Phytosterols in cherries help reduce bad cholesterol levels.

9. Relieves osteoarthritis
The pain and discomfort of inflamed joints were reduced when cherry juice was consumed twice a day for three weeks in a study of twenty women aged 40 to 70 years with inflammatory osteoarthritis.

10. Prevents colon cancer.
As with many fresh fruits and vegetables, flavonoids in sour cherries do more than just a touch of color and flavor. These antioxidants hold the promise of colon cancer prevention, in addition to offering other health benefits. They are able to slow down the growth of the tumor thanks to the ellagic acid they contain. On the other hand, in the case of cherries, they possess glucaric acid, which detoxifies the organism from chemical substances produced by the environment.